Message from the Writer

Not everything I write on my blog reflects the entirety of my life.

Some of the posts I do might be inspired from a song, from someone else’s experience, from a movie or from almost anything that sparks my thinking tank and inspires my creative juices..

I am merely an instrument for everyone to relate to with just the writing of my pen.

This does not mean I am not a drama queen in real life, I am(just to get that straight).. this just means that writing is one of my passions and though my theme in itself is dark, negative and even morbid to some.. This is just simply an expression of my prowess as a writer. I do not write so much about happy stuff, rainbows and unicorns because honestly I do not have the capability to express these sentiments into words.. When I’m happy I just tend to BE with the moment and not have the chance to write it at all.. I am at my best when the feeling is more on a depressive side. But then again, as mentioned that merely does not depict what I exactly feel at that moment.

Don’t think I don’t know how to be happy.. because I am.. πŸ™‚

It is a fulfillment for me as a writer that I reach into your hearts and stimulate your brain cells.

If you like my musings, please feel free to like and share..and oh leave a comment as well! If you don’t then you can keep it to yourself.. No need to hate.. Peace!


Enjoy y’all!





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