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I definitely need a break..

I definitely need to get away..

I definitely need to clear my head..

I definitely need a chance to reflect on things..

The things that have been happening.. as of late..

It all seemed chaotic, I just don’t know now what to do..


I feel like crying..

I feel like dying..

I only want to be happy.. yet that is a feat far from my grasp..

I have been running after a dream..

I’ve stuck my head in the clouds for so long..

I’m not able to separate now my dreams and reality..

I need to wake up and evaluate things..

I need to shake myself and really feel..


Though thinking has all been what I have been doing lately..

I just want to stop..

I want to run away and stop..

Loneliness is creeping and enveloping me in a cold film of emptiness..

I need to fly away and leave everything..

This turmoil, this mess..

I need to get away from it all..



Burst the bubble,

Step out of the perimeter,

Change conformity,



I really need change..

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Change is always inevitable…
I just made a lot of changes in my blog.. I changed the name because I feel like the new title depicts who I am.. a Drama Queen.. I changed the theme of my blog and picked balloons but I stuck with pink color.. since it’s my favorite color! Balloons for me represents me and my freedom.. If you can see the design it’s being let go.. which symbolizes my freedom to express myself as a person as an artist.. as a Drama Queen! πŸ™‚

I recently made a lot of changes in my life as well.. Got a new job.. Got a new set of friends.. Told my mom about my relationship.. In a relationship now with the best partner for 2 years and 9 months (3 years is just round the corner, yey!).. had a change in style clothes, shoes, makeup.. moved to a new house, bought a car..

I’ve also made some long terms goals.. My son just celebrated his 14th Birthday last 26th May (gosh, i feel so old now) and plans are in the works of him coming to the UAE, planning to go on a European tour (France, Germany, UK).. Asian tour (Hongkong, Thailand, Maldives).. pass my driving test, get another job this time in a different location (cross fingers)..

All in all I could say that I am in such a better place than where I was 3 years ago.. my life has completely made a 360 degrees turn for the better.. yey! Praise to God! I guess change really is the most constant thing in the world.. but if you will change, aim always to change for the better.. πŸ™‚
Ciao! πŸ™‚

Oh and let me know what you think about the changes.. *wink*