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Business Ideas

For the past few months I have been beating my head thinking of which business to open. I am determined now more than ever to venture into an investment or business which will allow me to first of all earn more money at the same time something that will pique my interest so as to make it worthwhile and last long enough to pass on to my son.

So maybe the next entries in my blog will be all about the different ideas that have crossed my mind.

Hopefully I get something started soon.. clock is ticking.. tick tock! tick tock! tick tock!

So the first idea we had in mind is opening a pet shop/pet grooming/veterinary service. My partner and I have actually thought of opening a business in line with something that she and I have interests in and she has experience with. We both love dogs, we currently have two namely: Tippy (lassa apso) and Pipoca (cross chihuahua and mini pincher). In addition to that my partner also had her short lived stint in one of Dubai’s pet grooming shops. So what better business to venture into than something that we are both familiar and passionate about.


Next up is opening a Laundry Shop. Nowadays people are getting more and more lazy in doing their laundry. Plus there are those who actually don’t have the time or means to do their laundry such as students and employees who live in boarding houses. The key to this business is location, we have to select a prime location in order for this business to take off. Probably anywhere in the city within the vicinity of schools, malls or boarding houses. This idea actually came from my brother who thought that it is very timely since life nowadays is so fast paced that people even the wives don’t have the time to do even the basic household chores. We were thinking of either opening a laundry shop where we do everything and price it by kilos or the coin laundry shop which is getting more popular as well. Between the two the coin laundry shop would prove to be needing the bigger capital but I believe faster return of investment.


Another one of the ventures I was thinking of is opening a Rice Station / mini grocery store. Well rice is one of the main staple in the Philippines, all Filipinos could not live without and groceries well everyone needs ’em. These are actually basic necessities and common nowadays however location for such business is also very crucial not mention there already hundreds of stores opening in every corner of every area nationwide so it is a viable business however the competition is very tight.


I am still thinking of other businesses to venture to and will be talking all about it on my next blog entry..

If you guys have any suggestions just let me know.. or maybe you’d like to be a business partner do let me know as well..


Till my next blot of ink.. πŸ™‚




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