All about ME


-I’m a little bit of everything.. all wrapped up in a neat package.. ;p

-Basically I’m a simple person who loves simple things but somehow gets entangled with complicated situations without me knowing how i got there..

-RED used to be my favorite color of all time.. since the time I could pick up a crayon. But as an adult I became open to other colors.

-I love displays of Fireworks on a romantic night sky.. given the chance to be proposed to I’d like my proposal to involve a lot of fireworks

-I’m moody.. i can shift from one mood this minute and another on the next one..

-I’m a dreamer.. maybe that’s one of my weaknesses.. i tend to get my head stuck up in the clouds and never noticing the reality around me..

-I’m a movie buff.. you can just leave me in front of the TV watching movies and TV series the whole day and i won’t move a muscle..

-I’m a frustrated actress.. given the chance i would have pursued this profession.. ahaha..;p

-I love listening to music.. can’t live without it..

-I only have 1 special man in my life: my little baby-Joshua June Virgil

-I’m a Papa’s gurl..

-I love my family so much and would do anything for them..

-I love to eat almost anything(with a few exceptions, of course! what that is.. its for you to find out *wink!*).. Though my eating habits are mandated by my constant mood swings..

-I’m mostly a homebody but i enjoy a few night outs and out of town trips every now and then..

-I’m a cry baby.. i’m very sensitive to criticisms.. i don’t like being judged and interrogated.. i do my own thing..

-I’m a hearty laugher.. i laugh to my heart’s content.. I have the shallowest sense of humour, so u can never be disappointed anytime u throw the corniest of jokes at me..

-I don’t make friends that easily.. i can only count my closest and best-est friends w/ one hand.. bit i fight for them till the end..

-I’m very transparent.. people can read me that easily

-I have the tendency to lose my cool that easily, I dunno how to keep my emotions at bay..

-I’m very sensitive to what belongs to me.. If it’s mine.. it’s mine.. No one can and should take anything or anybody away from me not unless i let it happen..

-I’m a tiger and a kitten all at the same time..purr-yeowwrr!!;p

-In any relationships,i hate not knowing and being left in the dark.. Honesty is still the best policy (although i have to admit, sometimes i don’t follow this.. hehe!)

-I am the jealous type.. but i know my limitations..

-I am very competitive, i hate losing (well most of the time) and I get pumped up at the smallest competitions (especially the ones I know I’ll never lose)

-I hate bad suspense.. so I would rather you tell it to my face flat.. Good surprises, i like!

-I love surfing the net.. Google is my bestfriend!and FB is my stress buster!;p

-I tend to fall for the wrong people.. i fall in love easily.. and i have the tendency to go crazy wen i fall in love…

-I am in love with the idea of love.. I am a romantic at heart.. an idealist..

-When I’m in love..I’m in love..there’s no question in that.. If i hate u, there’s no question in that as well.. ;p



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