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In the morning…

It’s in the silence of the morning when you’re lying down and your eyes roam around not wanting to get up, where you start to think about your life.. you think about the things you did, things you’ve been through.. past relationships and past work.. the people you’ve dealt with and the people who came and went to and from your life.. those memories that formed a niche into who you are today.. you start to think about how you have traveled through life and that a year ago things were completely different than today.. imagine all the years before that.. a lot could change in a single instant.. you think about the what-ifs and all the things you wished you had done and had not done.. How different life could be if things happened any other way? You think about the time you wasted obsessing about silly things and silly people.. the time and effort you spent, investing so much when in the end the outcome was all for nothing.. well, not necessarily nothing but you gained a lot of heartaches and disappointments along the way.. fueling your being and shaping your personality and outlook in life.

It is in that comfortable silence in the wee hours of the morning when you still don’t hear the movement of people outside. Where the only sounds you hear in the distant are the different animals just waking up as well.. it’s in the confinement of your semi-lighted room where you start to reflect on the things that went wrong in your life.. on why things are the way they are today.. so much different from yesterday.. the decisions you’ve made that set the course of your path completely in a different direction you know not where it’s heading..

And it’s in this random musing when you prompt yourself to write…




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