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Sleep deprived

Sleep is a vital activity of any human body. The lack thereof is dangerous to our health and cause short to long term effects.





Failing to meet your goals

Failing to achieve that which you long


Knowing that you were supposed to do it

But misfortune shrouds your every move


Every inch towards moving forward

A lot of hands dragging you downward


At every turn a spiked obstacle

With every thrust a punch backwards


Fighting for a lost cause


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Remembering Max Surban Songs

I grew up where on Sunday mornings my papa would play the radio and we would listen to all kinds of Visayan Novelty songs.

Visayan Novelty songs that ranged from themes of love, comedy and patriotism. I especially got a liking to one artist in particular: Max Surban. I liked his songs, they were funny, had a catchy beat and one you would keep humming for the next few hours. They had a certain charm that only a cebuana like myself would appreciate. The tales fabricated through each lyrics of the song tells of stories from different individuals and their feats of love, life and well basically everything. I remembered a few of his songs and I’d like to share some of them here.


Note: I don’t own any rights to any of these videos.




-this song right here is not really in visayan but is sung in ilonggo, equally funny and really catchy. It tells a tale of cooking linagpag na turagsoy, which means grilled mudfish spicy soup.



– This song meanwhile tells the tales of different people all chanting “Di na gyud ko mo usab, ka usa nalang” which means “I will never do it again, maybe just one more time”. This song is famous for this one line, especially for those people regretting doing something for once in their life.



– This one is a love song, it is a mix of visayan and english language. The song is about a guy longing for his lady love, expressing his deep love and at the same time utter sadness for missing the girl.