Posted in And there was light..


Let me just count down the list as to why I hate my life right now..

Everything sucks, nothing is working in my life right now..

Job is pathetic and really I am just tired of it..

Everyone around me sucks.. hate everyone.. hate everyone period

My life is just one big spiral of disappointments

Nothing good is happening

I feel like everything is just topsy turvy no direction no meaning

I mean come on!!! cut me some slack here God!

Like really?!!? why?! why does it go the way it does..


I am ranting out like a drunk bitch..

really I had to complain.. i just had to..


I had to let it out.. i really have to..

coz nothing makes sense.. at all! Nothing!

I keep hoping for something good to happen at every turn

But it always ends up as disappointment..


It’s very frustrating and disheartening..

I am losing my patience.. I am losing my will to live..

I don’t know what to do..


I am so full of hate.. full of anger..

I hate the way my life is going.. and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one to blame.. if not solely.. but really can’t pinpoint anyone at the moment.

it’s really pathetic.. I am pathetic..


I hate my life..

and I could go on and on..

I just do.. I feel like punching, shouting, kicking.. just really making a fit..


I am a sad piece of shit.. doesn’t deserve to live..

doesn’t deserve to live at all..






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