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DIY Valentines Day Gift Ideas (part 2)

Since it’s already the LOVE month, I have been researching online to find an inspiration to create the perfect DIY gift for my baby love.. This is in continuation to my first article.

Till date I still have not decided what I want to make and give my partner for Valentines still finding for that PING! and light bulb.. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful projects made by a lot of great people. Credits all goes to them and you can find all the sites for your reference.


  1. Candy Huggers PDF: Valentine's Day Candy Huggers
  2. 52 Reasons I Love You                19 Great DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him
  3. Heart Bulb cute gift
  4. Fabric Roses fabric rose bouquet for men
  5. Accented Photo Frame love frame
  6. Origami Boxes
  7. Melted Crayon Hearts
  8. Treat Match Box Red Hot Valentine 8
  9. Valentine Candy Bottle with DIY Heart Arrows
  10. DIY Movie Popcorn Invitation
  11. Chocolate Bouquet sweet chocolate bouquet
  12. Memory Jar
  13. 7 days of LOVE pillbox idea
  14. Nutty Valentine idea     
  15. Dynamite Valentines DIY you're dynamite valentine
  16. Vintage Photo Mason Jar                                                   
  17. Tin Can luminaries heart-light-diy-display
  18. Heart Candle Jar


Please note that I don’t own the photos for any of the above mentioned subjects.




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