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Art in Matchboxes

I just saw a very nice website that showed creativity and resourcefulness out of old matchboxes. The results were awesome and so cute, I decided to share it here. Who knows, it might spark up some inspiration in doing one yourself, I know I will especially since Valentines is close. I wanted to give my partner a one of a kind special DIY gift which is why in the past articles I have been featuring different kinds of arts and craft projects. It’s amazing what other people could come up with out of the simplest things.


matchbox art 1

matchbox art 2

matchbox art 9matchbox art 5

matchbox art 10

matchbox art 11

matchbox art 12

matchbox art 13

matchbox art 14

matchbox art 15

matchbox art 16

matchbox art 17

matchbox art 18

matchbox art 19

matchbox art 20

matchbox art 21

matchbox art 22

matchbox art 23

matchbox art 24

matchbox art 26

matchbox art 27

matchbox art 28

matchbox art 31



love magic valentine matchbox shrine - paper crafts, scrapbooking & atcs (artist trading cards) 

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Below are the list of links where to find instructions and features on the above projects:

Link 1  Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 Link 7 Link 8




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