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A topic to discuss

You know when sometimes you run out of words to say?

Like your mind goes into a complete and utter shutdown.. Like a light bulb that goes off all of a sudden..

I get this sometimes.. especially in situations that are far more overwhelming to comprehend like someone saying nasty things to you.. or it could be your mind goes on auto shut off when the person talking infront of you is boring as hell.. or when someone is trying to discuss something completely out of your brain’s league something out of this world and incomprehensible.. or someone you wish never to talk to you starts talking to you again..

How do you normally react to these kinds of situation? When you’re at a loss for words.. When your tongue rolls up inside your mouth.. When all the words even the alphabets lose their meaning in your brain.. How do Β you deal exactly??

I guess if you’re someone as transparent as me, it would be so easy to detect but I’m amazed at people who don’t seem to have a single blind spot in their brains.. they just keep going and going and going.. as if their brains work on machines and on hyper drive every single time.. But I have yet to find an actual person who does that.. really..

This could also apply in times when I am looking for a topic to post and write about. I guess a part of the reason also comes from having a lot of topics to choose from, there are so many that you end up not coming up with one.

I guess all in all people have to have some off days sometimes. It allows us to gather more things to think about, and process in our thinking tanks. The way to deal with it at times is just to be subtle.. it’s all about exercising your brain so that even if you shut down you still know how to handle the conversation when necessary or in my case now to wing it in order to put out..


Till my next blot of ink! πŸ™‚






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