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I am so in love with you…

I am so in love with you..

You wanna know why?

It’s because you’ve touched my heart in ways no one else have..
It’s the way you look at me that sends exciting currents down my spine..
It’s the way you smile, that mesmerizing smile.. and those lips.. need I say more?
It’s the way you hold my hand, firm yet soft.. enough to make me feel I have someone for life..
It’s the way you stand next to me.. tall and strong.. dependable.. I know I can count on you when things go wrong..
It’s the way you make me laugh, the way you make things so easy, there’s not a dull moment with you..
The way you carry yourself.. the way you carry our relationship..
The way you kiss me.. hold me.. all emotions wrapped in every lovemaking..
The way our bodies seemed like they were made to mold and form each other..
I love that it feels perfect when I’m with you..
I love that you affect me so much.. enough to move my world..
I love that you make me feel things I’ve never felt before..
You’ve inspired me to be a better version of myself..
You’ve made me strong.. strong enough to face everything that comes our way..

And I might list down all the things that made me love you.. even the smallest things I hate about you..
Everything that makes you the LOVE OF MY LIFE.. my soul mate.. my best friend.. my hubby.. my life.. my all..
But not all the words could wrap around all the things that you mean to me..

I am so in love with you..
And I feel that I could love you for eternity..
Our lives intertwined forever..

I want to be with you.. and there is not a moment I don’t..

I miss you so much.. I look forward to the day when you come back to me..
And we could finally start the rest of our lives together..

I am so in love with you..
There is nothing or no one that could change that fact..

I love you my love.. my mahal..