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I definitely need a break..

I definitely need to get away..

I definitely need to clear my head..

I definitely need a chance to reflect on things..

The things that have been happening.. as of late..

It all seemed chaotic, I just don’t know now what to do..


I feel like crying..

I feel like dying..

I only want to be happy.. yet that is a feat far from my grasp..

I have been running after a dream..

I’ve stuck my head in the clouds for so long..

I’m not able to separate now my dreams and reality..

I need to wake up and evaluate things..

I need to shake myself and really feel..


Though thinking has all been what I have been doing lately..

I just want to stop..

I want to run away and stop..

Loneliness is creeping and enveloping me in a cold film of emptiness..

I need to fly away and leave everything..

This turmoil, this mess..

I need to get away from it all..



Burst the bubble,

Step out of the perimeter,

Change conformity,



I really need change..