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Drunken Sorrows.. (babbles of one pissed off lady)

It’s one of those days again..

When you feel so down for so many apparent reasons..

Your day actually started right then one thing leads to another and another.. and boom before you know it you’re caught in one of the worst days of your life..

I think I heard or read it somewhere that when things go bad they can only get worse and when things are good they can only get better..

Mine today went from bad, to worse to one complete f%&*$^ up day!

I ended up losing appetite to eat.. to work and pretty much everything else.. I literally lost my appetite to life..

And so here I am typing away.. hoping to ease some of these negative feelings away..

I feel like complaining for every single thing that’s happening in my life right now..

Why I’m still stuck in a mediocre job, in a mediocre company with mediocre colleagues..

Colleagues who actually suck the life out of me.. colleagues and bosses who think they are the gods in this world.

I pretty much could sum up that I hate my life right now..

It sucks! And there seems to be no way it’s going to get any better.. You’re unhappy, you’re broke, you’re helpless and just too damn tired to do anything else but whine and complain about how come others get the life you so deserve without even lifting so much as a finger and here you are slaving away for the past 8 years of your life with nothing to show for yourself but the wrinkles that are starting to show on your forehead, the sides of your eyes and ever growing decrease in eyesight and hearing..

And if this doesn’t even add insult to injury, you see young and fresh lads and ladies bantering about in corporate uniforms and getting the jobs you so long to have, salaries you so long to receive and pretty much the life you so dream of..



Beats me! I really don’t know.. if I did I wouldn’t be writing this now, would I?

I basically need a drink.. to drown out my sorrows in the hopes of it disappearing from my mind even for a flitting second..

So that concludes my effin’ day.. all in the life of a miserable, unsuccessful and broke lady such as me.. Who wants a life when you have drama right here!


PS. This was a draft from long time ago.. just decided to post it for no apparent reason.. Just one of ’em days..