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Bowling away….

Just last last week my partner and I along with a few good friends went out for bowling!

To be honest, I don’t have a sport that involved balls.. never had and never will.. I never enjoyed any ball sport games back in the days.. I would only be one of those girls who cheers away along the sidelines.. plus, I had an awful incident which included my face and a volleyball.. that to this day makes me afraid of the sport (and the ball!) itself.. I can shoot a few hoops but that’s it..

But bowling.. is another story.. I think for me this would be the only ball sport which I can enjoy.. and play at the same time.. I may have broken my nail (boo-hoo!) in the course of our game but I was happy nevertheless.. despite the fact that I’m really not that good.. but it was a good game,I won third place! woo-hoo! (not bad! yeah?!) my partner’s best friend won first after hitting several strikes in a row.. and my partner’s sister came in second.. my partner who was really a first timer did pretty well coming in on 4th place (way to go!!)

I’d love to play it again.. definitely with good friends it’s always better.. πŸ™‚





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