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The Bullies


I was just on google trying to research and get material for my post today. I typed on the google search: What is the term for a person who gets bullied? and I looked up the first link that topped all the other answers. I came upon this and was taken by it, I wanted to use it and rephrase it but I guess the person who wrote it did it much better. Here it goes (please don’t mind the typos, i pasted it as it is to keep the soul of the whole text intact):

Is there a word for someone who gets bullied by there friends but acts like it doesnt happen?

then does nice stuff for them, but doesnt receive anything except for rudenes

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denial is a good one, but it sounds like you already recognize this.
There is a saying ‘we teach people how to treat us’.
What you are teaching , is cruel people who are NOT your friends, that you will reward them with ‘nice stuff’, for abusing you.
I suspect that you have had this happen a lot to you and now you are trying to ‘change’ them by being nice.
It really doesn’t work that way.
Abusers will abuse unless they take steps to personally change, based on a change inside themselves and their own attitudes.
I would say you need some therapy as to why you respond this way, how to meet healthy people and what real friendship is.
Otherwise, you are being emotionally masochistic and self defeating.
Look up stockholm syndrome
or traumatic bonding, and see if that describes your childhood , or relationships.
Real love and friendships don’t treat each other this way. You don’t have to do this.They are not ‘friends’.
Reflecting on this I realized that bullies will cease to exist if there aren’t anyone to bully or abuse. If everyone has but one mind that it is not okay to be abused then all the bullies in the world will vanish into oblivion. If we learn to stand up for ourselves, fight for ourselves and learn how to defend ourselves against these kind of people then you regain the power that they have over you. I know it’s not easy but not trying to control your life and the situation you are in will also be your undoing.
Bullies do not have power, they are not much better.. not much smarter.. not wittier.. not stronger.. over you.. You can only be everything you want to be if you set your mind to it.  By allowing yourself to be abused you relinquish your power and control over to these bullies and they get the upper hand of the whole situation. If you strengthen your resolve to stand up to these kinds of people then you reclaim that which was initially yours.
Paradoxically, bullies are human too like you and me. They are just like any other ordinary people, they have feelings too. They might have been brought up differently, might have experienced things we have not encountered, might have seen things out of the ordinary..  Heck, they might be victims themselves of abusive people..  In short there are reasons why they are the way they are. In some ways, I do pity them. For me, they are the type of people who will never be happy. Will never find contentment in their hearts, will never have peace of mind. For as long as they feel and do the things they do they will never have  clarity, peace and serenity (as Fergie says it.. hehe) but kidding aside, bullies will never change who they are unless they do this themselves.. the power to change remains with them.
I guess in closing, I’d like to think I’m not a bully never have never will.. But then there are always two sides to every story. You just have to flip the coin to know which side you will be..
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Bowling away….

Just last last week my partner and I along with a few good friends went out for bowling!

To be honest, I don’t have a sport that involved balls.. never had and never will.. I never enjoyed any ball sport games back in the days.. I would only be one of those girls who cheers away along the sidelines.. plus, I had an awful incident which included my face and a volleyball.. that to this day makes me afraid of the sport (and the ball!) itself.. I can shoot a few hoops but that’s it..

But bowling.. is another story.. I think for me this would be the only ball sport which I can enjoy.. and play at the same time.. I may have broken my nail (boo-hoo!) in the course of our game but I was happy nevertheless.. despite the fact that I’m really not that good.. but it was a good game,I won third place! woo-hoo! (not bad! yeah?!) my partner’s best friend won first after hitting several strikes in a row.. and my partner’s sister came in second.. my partner who was really a first timer did pretty well coming in on 4th place (way to go!!)

I’d love to play it again.. definitely with good friends it’s always better.. 🙂


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Making sushi!

I recently learned how to make sushi, maki specifically.. 

I had to research it several times thru youtube and google.. different sites and so on.. 

The making was not so easy, although they make it look so easy however doing it actually is a whole other story..

My very first attempt, I had a few trial and errors and most of the “errors” I made went directly to my mouth down to my tummy.. hehe.. and in the two times that I’ve made it I always ended finishing by 4 am! always! So it’s no wonder that the next day I get groggy from lack of sleep and cranky from being so tired spending the whole night up to the wee hours rolling and cutting these delicacies.. 

But the effort is all worth it.. especially when my friends appreciate it.. unfortunately my partner doesn’t eat it at all! plus now I don’t have to shed a few hundred bucks just to grab a bite of one of my fave food.. sushi!!! Image