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Skeletons in my closet..

Each one of us have our own deep dark secrets.. Secrets that are sometimes too dark or too light to share..


Too light that they seize their significance, choosing to hide them in the background.. It is a secret that you’re not necessarily ashamed of but something so light that it goes into non existence inside your brain.. Mostly, these are secrets from other people who you actually think squat of.. Other secrets might be something funny but at the same time undermines your social status you choose to forget it..


Too dark secrets are the dangerous ones.. Dangerous and exciting at the same.. Dark secrets could range from dirty, to something punishable by law, to something so degrading or something that could ruin any relationship.. These kind of secrets could destroy one person or an entire country.. Keeping it is hard as well, normally people who keep these type of secrets tend to be uneasy.. no peace of mind and literally just someone who is unable to act normally emotionally and mentally.. But there are a few exceptions as there are those who are just so good at keeping it that they could consider dark secrets into light secrets..


Nevertheless, secrets could be good or bad, light or dark, deep or shallow.. but it’s still a secret.. and it could have different impacts on anybody.. i too have a few myself but I try as much as I can to let go and not linger on any secret but literally it wears me down..


“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
― Benjamin FranklinPoor Richard’s Almanack


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