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When boredom strikes…

“Is there a cure for boredom?” I once asked..

“Plenty!” says my friend..

Really, when boredom strikes what do we normally do???

First of all what is boredom… Webster describes it as: the state of feeling bored.. Synonymous to tedium – ennui – weariness – bore – dullness..

Still what is boredom.. for me, it is that feeling you get when you feel fed up over something or someone.. I say someone because this also applies for any relationships.. boredom strikes when redundancy happens.. it doesn’t necessarily mean that it comes from not doing anything.. You could have loads of work and still feel bored!

My case right now is that I know i have things to do but I’m bored of doing them.. I have goals to achieve but pretty bored with the system that will take me to that end line! I am bored with people who continue to do nasty things towards me.. bored with friends who do not know the value of friendship.. bored of workmates who actually don’t have anything sensible to talk about.. bored with the way my life is going.. just bored, bored bored…

So what do we normally do when we get bored?! I have no idea.. actually if someone could find the cure for boredom, that person would be the luckiest..

Boredom make you lose touch of what is important.. You let go of the things that you’re supposed to do because you’re tired of doing them..