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“I feel pretty.. oh so pretty.. I feel pretty and witty and gay!!” la la la la.. and so the song goes..

I recently watched the movie Anger Management and this song was the same one they sang every time they felt like exploding in anger.. This movie never failed to make me laugh but then this post is not about that.. ๐Ÿ™‚

It just made me wonder what Pretty or Beautiful really means..ย 

To a certain extent beauty should always be skin deep.. But we somehow live in a world that is shallow..ย 

Where beauty is marketed as a commodity.. face value should be a certain high level of standard.. and body/beauty enhancements are no longer a thing of the past..

Being simple is now a taboo.. it is a sad world we’re living in.. really..

But honestly it doesn’t matter to me.. What matters is that as long as the person I love sees me as the most beautiful creature that has graced the earth, it’s more than enough for me..

Only that person’s opinion matter.. no one else.. and I guess we should have that mind set..

Being pretty should never be taken too seriously.. In the end we grow old and gray and none of that would matter..


We die.. and become ashes in our graves.. and that’s that..

Later on in the afterlife God will never ask what you did to make yourself beautiful instead the big question would be: What you did to make the world a beautiful place to live in…ย 


“I feel pretty.. oh so pretty.. and the rest is history….”





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