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Something to think about..

Something to think about..

My eyes got caught by this person’s musings.. It’s so direct and it hits plenty of issues that us as human beings encounter in our day to day lives..

Taking things personally is a habit like smoking.. Though we try to avoid it, we just can’t seem to shake off feeling like this.. It is our nature to always take things personally.. Why? Because we always have this notion to be right all the time.. it is hard for us to be judged.. but so much easier to judge things or other people for that matter.. It is very hard to dismiss this feeling that we’re not suppose to take everything personally, literally.. like telling yourself not to eat.. It is an immediate reaction which normally leads to argument.. Because everyone has their own opinion of everything.. No two persons can actually think alike in most everything, that would be weird and utterly disconcerting..

I guess it’s easier said than done.. however it is a very good piece of advise to live by.. To end all arguments, to avoid hurting anyone.. Just plainly to live at peace.. That is if it is possible…




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