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A poem I want to share…

If I tell you

If I tell you “I Love You” … I mean I love you.

Too many times these days that phrase is just thrown out there from those that don’t understand the commitment of “love”…or what love is.

When I tell you I will always be there…no matter what.
No matter how much you hurt me. It means …”I Love You”

If you go your way. And are happy without me….I will still love you. Because your happiness is what I always truly wanted.

Love is not just the euphoria of the beginning but it is also the journey in all its highs and lows….the commitment to be together.
Or understanding the need to be apart. 

I told you I love you …I still do.

Saying goodbye and throwing away “like” is easy.
Saying goodbye to “love” is hard.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “LOVED”… or such a word.

Love is never a past tense when it is genuine….it “is”….always…never ending. 
“I will always love you.”
You will always be loved ……once “truly” loved by a person.

Some think you fall out of love…no you fall out of “like“…you fall out of the idea of love. 

Love.…..well…. love is…..… is forever. 

You occupy a space of unique emotion, feelings and memories in another’s world that will always be….yours.

If I tell you I care…then I care.
If I tell you I want you…then I want you. 

If I tell you “I Love You” ……Then I love you……..forever.



R. Kent




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