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A deep dark moment…

I cried today..

I cried really hard and just this moment today..

I have not cried for awhile now.. and I wonder why..

Maybe I was just too happy.. or I did not have the time..

But I cried today..

My tears fell freely on my cheeks.. My heard pounding..

A muffled noise escaped my mouth..

And I felt as if something was squeezing the air out of my lungs..

There were people around and I could not help it..

I had the urgent need to let it out..

And so I kept on crying..

I was sad for a million reasons.. but can’t point out one..

I was feeling perplexed and confused..

I was crying all pent up emotions.. I cried..

Yet that was not enough..

I did not want to feel.. I wanted to just cry and not feel..

Quite an impossible feat..

So my tears continued..

I know not what made me stop..

Was it my boss who came into the office so unexpectedly..

The phone ringing..

An urgent email that needed my attention..

But I stopped.. yet the pain remained..

Crying.. Hurting.. Loneliness…

I cried today..


by: Jessica Gadiane




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