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Learning the cold hard truth

It’s been a while now since my last post.. I guess I could say I was busy.. I guess I could say I have really forgotten to jot down what my mind has to offer..


A few days now since I learned such a revealing and utterly revolting fact, that no matter how much a person tries to show you who they are there always is a CATCH.. always! That whenever you feel like you know someone.. YOU DON’T.. not really.. I mean I can’t even say the same thing about myself.. I believe it is because HUMANS are such evolving creatures.. We came to life on earth such a small little thing and evolved to be what we are today.. I mean if we take into account the evolution of man from being just a fish (not so accurate, m not quite familiar) to being an APE to being a Homo sapien! 


I guess what I’m actually trying to say is that we literally don’t know anyone.. not even ourselves.. I found out one thing about a colleague of mine.. it was shocking yet I could not point the reason why she would succumb to that state.. which brings me to another topic: CHEATING.. why do people cheat?! I mean I’ve had my share of that and believe me it ain’t pretty! not in the least bit.. People cheat for so many different reasons.. some say it’s valid and some say it doesn’t right any wrongs.. Cheating is just something that’s very common nowadays.. It’s like you haven’t lived if you haven’t done it.. or you’re not cool if you haven’t tried it.. I mean what’s the point of being in a relationship.. to commit yourself to one person when you’ll just end finding another person.. Cheating is just the sister of LYING.. I mean you can’t cheat without lying.. that’s just the order of things.. 


It’s funny really how things end up the way they do.. How all these things become part of man/woman’s everyday life.. So evolving to what we are now, we’ll never know what becomes of us come tomorrow.. Maybe there won’t be marriages anymore.. Maybe the world will end.. we’ll never know.. sad but true…Image




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