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Borderline of friendship

Just recently I had a rift with a very close friend of mine.. She is not just a close friend but someone I considered to be my sister, an older sister.. Who saw through plenty of my ventures here in Dubai.. She’s been there thru thick and thin and I could say we’ve shared alot of things than most people share in a lifetime..

Sad to say this gap, this feud we have between us is still ongoing and I don’t see the end of it yet.. Just to step back a bit, we both actually have the same qualities.. Same personalities and though she’s older than me, our minds just click like we’ve known each other for years.. She understands me and I understand her or so I thought I did..

We both have the same line of work.. since we used to work together and that’s where we first met and found out that we were great as friends.. We both have preferences in partners.. although my partner is a far cry from hers (i knw!).. We have pretty much the same circle of friends.. and I met my partner because of her, partially.. and she was the reason why me and my partner came together making me realize in the process that she was THE ONE.. To be honest I have nothing against her as a person, I just have everything against her partner. That person who dare face and say she loves my ate and does the opposite leaves nothing to my taste AT ALL! She doesn’t deserve this person who I look up to so much. This person to whom I’ve stood by throughout all the decisions she has made ever since we became friends.

I guess what it all comes down to is that both our prides and egos got hurt in the process. I was very much disappointed in her, making me pull out an all out cold war with her.

I dunno when I would be able to speak to her again.. I miss her but I can’t miss out the fact that she hurt me and made me realize how I really don’t know her after all this time..




One thought on “Borderline of friendship

  1. when we allow someone to tame us, we allow them to hurt us as well. in any way possible. even if it’s unintentional. you care, that’s why you’re hurt. it makes you a wonderful person.

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