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Tinker tanker (an old post still..)

It’s sad and ironic that the one thing that makes us happy has the greatest power to make you feel alone.. That the one person you hope to build your life end up destroying all your hopes and dreams.. The funny thing is that we know and we allow it to happen.. When asked why, we give a shrug and don’t know the answer.. It’s also ironic that you only get to realize the worth of something or someone, only when that is lost to you as well.. It is funnier still to believe that the person will still love you despite everything that has transpired between the two of you.. After all the hurt and the pain, it is but sad to still expect another person to feel the way they did before all the nightmares started.. It is a sad reflection of the irony of man and the relationships they encounter.. Later on you realize that happiness is nothing really but an empty figment of your imagination.. a means to escape from the hollow that you feel within.. There really is no such thing.. Which is the same with forever.. It doesn’t exist.. All the wonderful things they made you believe in the movies, television, books or any form of media that depicts that there is a happily ever after are just a means to make you feel better from the dump of a world you live in..

Lies.. and more lies.. truth is but a commodity that will never sell.. People will continuously lie and there is no end to that.. the pain and hurt brought on by so much lies never impacts the person who lies not until all is lost.. It is simple really.. lying and hurting.. it just coexists.. just as loving comes hand in hand with the two.. No matter how much you correct a simple lie, there is no use.. it is pointless to an utmost degree..

Loneliness is but a constant reminder of why we exist in this world.. Loneliness will always be a part of our existence.. It is an inevitable fact that we are not capable of escaping.. It is but another irony in life which we have no capacity to overcome.. We remain to be alone from the time of our conception till the time of death..




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