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The person I hate most as of now

At some point in my life I’ve hated a lot of people.. from my bestfriend and I’s no. 1 enemy in high school – Ruanne.. to my hated Science teacher who I’ve already forgotten the name..

This got worse when I got here in Dubai.. as I had to encounter diverse types of nationalities from Arabs, to Brits to the lower classes such as the Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese..

Now, I’m faced with my worst adversary to date.. this f*cking Indian! please pardon my french.. As I am completely pissed off with this moron.. and writing as of now is my only outlet to let off my steam.. Is totally a disgusting *sshole!  With his face, from his ugly ugly face down to his very very fake hair! His fake and annoying laugh! But that’s not what really gets to me, it’s his freaking attitude! It kills me to know that such a low life even has a life in the first place! His sneaky ways into getting his way.. and the worse part is that my boss, who I think the world of simply adores and supports him all the way! Why can’t he see what a very big snake is growing right within his backyard! I do not know anything anymore.. the more I try to rationalize what I feel and simply try to take in his freaking attitude, the more I’m faced  with it everyday…

I dunno how much more I can take of this.. the funny thing is that he is jz so dumb that he doesn’t even know it! Maybe because he’s just so used of people being annoyed with him that he doesn’t even know the difference  between which is which! Honestly, I dunno how much more I can take.. really.. it’s up to here as we speak!