Posted in And there was light..

And then some…

Today I am writing this post because I felt the itch on my fingers to type away all the pent up emotions I have inside me..

It all started last night.. well not just last night.. several months now..

This feeling that I’m not really in the right place.. this feeling that I might have taken in TOO MUCH TOO SOON..

Last night, I walked and walked (I duno how far I’ve walked!) till my feet got tired and my sweat was dripping like melted ice cream..

I got to think about a lot of things and un-think about a lot of things as well..

There was even a point where I got lost along the way but somehow I managed to look out for the signs that eventually lead me back to where I first started..

The reason basically why I’m saying this is that I was upset.. I was completely upset last night.. and to be in particular at someone..

Now, I might be again at the brink of another heart wrenching break up.. But unlike the previous one, this one made me numb.. as in literally NUMB..

For now I can’t seem to place the right emotions in my heart.. For now I can’t seem to tender the right kind of feelings that I should be having right now at a situation such as this..

It’s like a switch has been turned off in me.. and I’m afraid that once this has been turned on, I won’t be able to stop FEELING..

I guess the last heartbreak made me into this.. but the question is FOR HOW LONG?




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