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And then some…

Today I am writing this post because I felt the itch on my fingers to type away all the pent up emotions I have inside me..

It all started last night.. well not just last night.. several months now..

This feeling that I’m not really in the right place.. this feeling that I might have taken in TOO MUCH TOO SOON..

Last night, I walked and walked (I duno how far I’ve walked!) till my feet got tired and my sweat was dripping like melted ice cream..

I got to think about a lot of things and un-think about a lot of things as well..

There was even a point where I got lost along the way but somehow I managed to look out for the signs that eventually lead me back to where I first started..

The reason basically why I’m saying this is that I was upset.. I was completely upset last night.. and to be in particular at someone..

Now, I might be again at the brink of another heart wrenching break up.. But unlike the previous one, this one made me numb.. as in literally NUMB..

For now I can’t seem to place the right emotions in my heart.. For now I can’t seem to tender the right kind of feelings that I should be having right now at a situation such as this..

It’s like a switch has been turned off in me.. and I’m afraid that once this has been turned on, I won’t be able to stop FEELING..

I guess the last heartbreak made me into this.. but the question is FOR HOW LONG?

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Koreanovela addicted

Recently and in the past few weeks I’ve been gluing myself on my laptop and watching endless Koreanovelas..

And so far I’ve been romanticized by each and every single story.. each one different from one another by their story lines, plots and the people who are in them (well, especially the people! hehe)

I have especially taken a liking to three..

Secret Garden – Hyun Bin

He’s Beautiful – Jang Geun Suk

Boys over Flower – Lee Min Ho

I’ve mentioned male leads because I think they are just as dreamy as they can be.. equivalent to ice cream on a hot summer day.. whew!





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