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In the Beginning..

As i begin this new chapter in my life.. I look back on the things I have done and things I missed doing.. There was a big part of my life that needed a lot of repair and I am trying to rebuild slowly as I undergo this aimless journey..

I call it aimless for now because I still have no vivid picture of what lies in store for me.. All I know is that I am slowly trying to grasp the reality that change is inevitable in my life right now..

I also look back on the pain and the misery.. the pain of the loss of someone you love so dearly.. the pain of knowing that love was never returned back.. the pain that comes with betrayal and disloyalty..

Looking back still, I have realized that I have missed on alot of opportunities.. opportunities that could have made a great impact on my life but one which i failed to take heed for trying to accommodate the other person’s feelings..

Again, the main point is to try and catch your happiness.. Where your happiness is, I guess where your heart will be..

For now, I have to settle with living day to day in a trance.. Living the life of a restless wanderer.. and so in the beginning.. there was light..